The Partner You Didn't Know You Needed

There when you need.
Thinking of you when you don't.

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Kinship crafts AI partners so you don't have to navigate life's challenges on your own. Our partners are trained on the world's best coaches and experts. Always available and always in your corner.


Establish healthy habits and routines to cope with stress and anxiety, fight fatigue and become a healthier you.


Plan your next leap. Achieve a better balance between your work and personal life while thriving at both.


Navigate dating to get what you want. Feel secure and anxiety-free in your relationships.
Set and reach goals
Improve prioritization
Manage time better
Get organized
Get motivated
Build stronger relationships
Make better decisions
Communicate better
Get organized
Get organized
Get organized
Get organized
Get organized
Get organized

Path to the best you

Your path to professional and personal growth.
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Proactive planning
Your sidekick generates plans of action as you chat. These plans are the guideposts charting where you are to where you want to be.
Regular reminders &
Sidekicks proactively reach out to check-in and offer reminders. These make sure you're on track towards your goals.
Instant advice & support
Ask for advice or get an answer anytime, anywhere. Sidekicks are available 24/7.

The world's best in your pocket

We use the latest technology to make Meebo AI sidekicks available to you.

Latest AI & GPT technology
Trained on hundreds of the world's leading experts & coaches
Privacy built-in
Unlimited messages
Unlimited voice chat (coming soon)
Product & recipe recommendations
Delightful & supportive conversation
Citations for references
Proactive planning
Reminders & check-ins
Remembers conversations & significant facts
Kinship AI is not a replacement for accredited professionals.